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10 easy steps to a fit body


Working out can be seen as strenuous and time consuming but many fitness instructors advise a shorter high intensity work out, then a longer one. That is because when we aspire to have a fit body then working out the muscle activity is more important than having a longer training session. Those sessions are more for body builders and people who want to have ‘cut’ and ‘ripped’ muscles.

A great exercise routine for keeping fit is:


1 minute of slight stretching to warm up the body. This can be done by slowing rotating the neck from side to side and up and down, this works well to combat fat below the chin. Stepping side to side and rotator cuffs will help to ease the shoulders and arms.

2 minutes of walking, jogging, or running (either in an allocated space or on the spot)

2 minutes of squats to train the legs, strengthen the calf muscles and lose fat around the thighs.

3 minutes of arm training. This can be done with the use of small weights, water bottles or books.

And another 2 minutes of stretching to cool down the body and ease the muscles.


This is a low intensity work out but a great start to prepare the body for more concentrated workouts and get your dose of body training. If you have any health related issues, please consult a medical practitioner before attempting any work outs!