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4 Reasons to add coconut water to your diet!


This is a favorite drink among the Indians and also in tropical regions. Besides putting you in that relaxed, vacation mood as you slurp down a fresh glass of coconut water, what are some of the health benefits one receives when consuming this drink?

  1. It contains potassium! This is essential for the body as it helps the brain and nervous system function properly. Potassium is also found in bananas.
  2. Its low in calories – Okay so this tasty water isn’t just great on the buds and a good thirst quencher, but it beats those sugar filled high calorie fizzy drinks right?
  3. It contains antioxidants. Let’s face it, with the amount of unhealthy stuff out there in the market, it is vital that we feed our bodies with enough antioxidant filled (natural) foods. Coconut water happens to contain these wonderful things which help prevent damage to the body caused by free radicals.
  4. It makes a great refreshing skin moisturizer! Especially for those who suffer from oily skin, a splash of coconut water does wonders for oil control and restoring the skins pH balance.

These are just some of the benefits to consume/use coconut water but there are a host of additional benefits from this natural drink!