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Benefits of Himalayan salt sole!


Firstly what is salt sole? Salt sole is simply a mixture of salt and water. How to make it? Add Himayalan salt crystals to a jar of clean water. The jar should be able to close, but it is better to use a plastic covering than a metal one. This is to avoid further reaction with the salt and metals. The salt sole is a pure mixture of salt and water only as the concentration of minerals help to rejuvenate each cell of the body!

Leave over night or for about 8 hours. Mix one teaspoon of the Himalayan salt sole to a glass of water and consume every morning. This is also cost effective because you can consume this daily until your salt sole mixture is finished. However you can add more salt and water to your jar as needed!

The health benefits include:

Hydration of the body

An increase of vital minerals in the body

Helps to balance blood sugar levels

Helps to balance blood pressure in the body. These salts are different from refined salts used in the kitchen. The high mineral count helps to balance blood pressure instead of increasing it!