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Benefits of water


This natural, God given gift is a source of nourishment for birds, animals, wildlife, plants and us humans. Water has benefitted us in many ways since the beginning of time, from giving life to the sea creatures, to providing as a nourishment to us when consuming. It helps us cook, clean things and purify ourselves as well. Health practitioners recommend a daily intake of eight glasses of water a day to help with bodily functioning, digestion and water retention. Yes, a sufficient intake of water helps to reduce the body’s retention of water. That is because when the body retains water, it is due to an access of salt and sugar in our diet. When we have additional water, we flush out the additional salt and sugar as well as toxins. This is why it is also important to take in water before we exercise or train. Water in the body helps to attach itself to toxins and sweat is produced as a way to remove impurities from the body!

Water consumption also helps to keep the skin, hair and nails healthy as it provides the nutrients required. It also keeps skin healthy when it allows the skin to rid impurities from sweating. This is why it is important to shower straight after an intensive exercise. Don’t let the perspiration dry up on your skin because it means that those toxins will get absorbed back into the skin.

Water increases our energy levels and rids us of exhaustion. It aids in weight loss as well. Water plays a great role in rejuvenating the body. Drinking water, along with exercising helps to remove and flush out fat from the body!

And lastly it helps to save you money! Imagine saving all that money spent on soft drink, preserved juices and beverages!