Love Motivation

Bring on the festive cheer! Happy holidays to you!


So it’s that beautiful time of the year ahead, when schools are out, workers are in a cheerful mood and unfortunate consumers have bought into poor sales gimmick on overpriced things! But besides the high prices of items, foods and gift, it is a great time when loved ones come together, celebrate and think about the year ahead.

Here are a few things to remember this holiday:

  1. Don’t be sad or upset if things didn’t go as plan, if you weren’t able to get a specific gift you wanted or you aren’t able to spend time with your loved ones. Rather be thankful for other things in your life, like your good health or the fact that you were able to overcome the obstacles you faced this year!
  1. Take it easy. I personally am not a fan of alcoholic drinks or intoxicating stuff but if you are, remember to take it easy. Don’t get so drunk that you step into a car with strangers or are in a vulnerable state which allows people to take advantage of you. We will soon be starting a new year and its best to do so with a clear head and a realistic mindset, not with doubts and regret of stuff we have done without thinking.

  1. Remember the rules of the road. Yeah the word ‘rules’ can sound boring to some, but it’s there for a reason. Abide by them when using the roads and never jump into a vehicle with a driver who is intoxicated. You want to welcome your new year with a good start, not by knocking on heavens doors do you?
  1. Enjoy it!!! It is the end of the year! Put aside all your regrets and disappointments of things that transpired this year and just enjoy life. Celebrate your life, the fact that you are a divine being and celebrate the great impact you are here to create on others!