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Change your energy, change your life!


Energy levels got you down? It would be cool if we could just spring up at 5am every morning, take a much needed jog to open up those lungs and stretch the muscles before taking a soothing shower and refreshing the body with a glass of carrot and beetroot juice. Why not? Well, we’d love to, I mean we see all those happy fit people on television and those short internet video clips, or vlogs making the most of their time, eating healthy and training… So what is preventing us from leading a vibrant lifestyle making the most out of every moment? Sure maybe some of you reading this rather curl up for an extra 2 hours in bed, roll into the shower and grab a sandwich on your way to work, but does that ‘hectic’ start to your mornings really make you feel good? Or do you feel energy less and tired all the time?

Energy levels depend on various things, from our lifestyle habits to what we eat, but energy levels is also dependent on the people we spend time with because we are exchanging and mixing energies all the time. So if you hang out with sad people who love to complain, that’s the energy you’re taking in and if you are spending your time ‘making them feel good’ or listening to negative stories in an attempt to ‘be a good friend’, well then you are going to have a good mix of good and bad energy, leaving you feeling down, drained and sometimes even depressed.

Our energy is also determined by how we feel about life and the thoughts and feelings we have stored in the mind. So every time you have a negative thought or feeling about you or someone else, you are feeding the negative energies around you, pushing away the good, vibrant, positive energy.

So how do we change our energy levels from negative to positive?

Firstly, take a step back from everything and everyone. I am not saying shut everyone out or ignore people, but take a step back from being actively associated with people and their negative stories. This might be difficult if you are living with people who dwell in negativity but you are strong and have the power to change negative situations into great positive ones, because you have the power of Love in Abundance on your side!

A change in energy also means a change in lifestyle, so this can slowly be incorporated in to your daily routines until it becomes a habit.

It may come as a surprise but spend less time on your phone or smart devices surfing the net and more time appreciating the world around. If your smart phone is distracting, switch it off before supper. Spend time enjoying your meal without sneaking a peak at who is doing what on social media and see how your body starts to change and feel good.

Spending less time online scrolling through your phone means more time to yourself, and more hours of sleep! Also sleeping with your phone switched off actually improves your sleep because the body is more relaxed. Try switching off your WiFi within your home as well.

And of course when you step back from negativity and sleep more often, you stand a greater chance to wake up early and feel more energies the next day. So here is some tips on regaining your energy:

  1. Stay away from negative talk
  2. Spend less time on your phone and on the internet
  3. Make time each night to write down what you are grateful for each day
  4. Rest your body
  5. Sleep earlier than usual
  6. Wake up earlier than usual
  7. Read your gratitude note when you wake up so you are reminded of the good thing/s that occur in your life, things you might just forget
  8. Have a nutritious breakfast filled with fruits and if possible, fresh veggies too!
  9. Meditate on all the beautiful things you have in life.

These are just some suggestions for you to go by but these alone have great power to change your lifestyle and regain energy!