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Choosing a correct partner


With the exception of those lone wolfs who rather spend their precious time all by their happy selves, there are a good amount of people who hope and dream of finding the correct partner. If you fall under the latter category of people, read on!

Choosing a correct partner can be a daunting task. Especially if you keep on meeting people who have characteristics which are opposite to what you wish for. But nevertheless, with perseverance, a good amount of patience, maintaining a good character and knowing exactly what you want in a partner are all powerful tools in removing obstacles on your path to find that special someone.

Those ‘obstacles’ I’ve mentioned above are things that stand in your way and sometimes even deter you off to the wrong path. These things can be a lack of confidence in yourself or perhaps leading a life which does not grant you fulfillment. But get this, an obstacle can also be a person who comes into your life who seems to be the right person, but actually is not! Yes that is correct, sometimes we meet people who aren’t ‘the one’ for us and as much as it is important that we learn from each lesson and grow as people, sometimes it is just a waste of your time to find yourself in a relationship or getting too cushy, with the wrong person.

So, how do we choose the correct partner and avoid those unnecessary obstacles? Well the key to this one is to firstly know yourself really well. Know your dreams, your desires and without sounding like a swot analysis of your personal life, it is also important to know your strengths and weaknesses as well.

This is because the better you know yourself, the better idea you will have of the one who is most ideal for you.

You see, when people date others and end up choosing a partner who is seemingly right for them, but actually isn’t, it is because the person doesn’t quite know themselves in the first place. When you know yourself well enough, you will aim to find a partner who can help you overcome your weakness, admire and appreciate your strengths and help you achieve your dreams. Just as you would want to do the same for your special someone. When we don’t know ourselves well enough and if we fear that there is a lack of good people out there that is when we choose to settle or be with someone who we know isn’t right, but assume that with time, they will be. That is like going into a shoe store, wanting a specific pair of shoes and trying really hard to fit into a shoe that is one size smaller, just because it is the only pair available. At the end, a relationship like that, just like that shoe, is only going to cause you discomfort and suffocation!