Creating a super blog with Themify Ultra Theme!

If you are a blogger, web designer, or have done some research in creating your own website with WordPress, you would know that choosing a perfect domain name and proper hosting account is only half of the battle! And that finding a super, flexible and modern WordPress theme can be both difficult and really expensive!

I know, because I have been searching for the perfect theme since I started my own dedicated blog in 2015. And I’ve unfortunately spend tons of dollars on themes which promise a lot, but aren’t really flexible to allow you to be as creative as you may like, with your website or blog.

That is, until I found out about Themify in January this year! And that is when my blog took a turn for the better in terms of layout and design. Don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% satisfied with the look of my blog, but with consistency, dedication and a cool theme, I am slowing getting to where I want it to be.

So what is Themify and what is so great about Ultra Theme?


Themify is basically another WordPress (WP) Theme company that creates and sells WP themes. And their Ultra Theme is one of their newest and most flexible of all. Actually, the design and layout of their themes is great because of the Themify Builder which comes with all their themes, or can be purchased separately as a plugin to use with any other WP theme to build your website.


How did using this theme help me?


Well for a non techy like myself who knows more about web design than development, using a theme that does what it says, or works just like the step by step instructions that it says, is fantastic!

I have previously worked with themes which simply did not load, had errors in its coding or was just difficult to edit. Which meant a loss of money, time and WP themes on my computer that wasn’t useful to me.


With the Themify Ultra theme, I basically purchased the theme, uploaded to my blog, and was able to edit as the training videos and documentation suggested.




The Themify Ultra Theme has plenty of editing options. So, if you want to just use this theme for your personal blog, or your own website or for client websites, you may upload the theme and just edit as required!


Their blog post display features, colour options, email optin and blog format options helps to create your blog exactly (or almost) as you wish.

While their prebuilt design options give you the option to create as many different website layouts as required!



Hmm there really isn’t much that I didn’t like about the Themify Ultra theme.

But to think of  negative experiences in using this theme, would be the minor bugs before or after the theme version updates.

I have been trying to work on a demo page, so I can see what version of the front page I would like best and then just replace it with the current version. But previously, prebuilt layouts sometimes do not load well, which can be frustrating.


Pricing and Support


The guys at Themify have so far been really helpful in positively responding to queries. Purchasing the Ultra theme comes with one year of free support and also one of their other themes for free. Which is basically like a cool 2 for one deal.

What I like most about the pricing structure, is that you have various options to choose from depending on what suits your budget. What I previously found challenging regarding good themes and pricing, is that many WP theme companies sell their best themes as a package with their other themes. And either as a yearly or once off (lifetime) fee. The problem I found with that structure is that the price (both yearly and once off) is really high, especially when having to convert the dollar amount to your local currency!


Themify has a clever, more practical and inexpensive pricing structure, where you can choose to purchase one theme (plus get one free!) for just $49 or purchase all themes for a yearly price of $89  or the option to purchase the lifetime package at just $249 which means getting all themes, and updates plus support without ever having to pay extra.

The team at Themify has various deals, discounts and coupons on their WP themes as well. So if you are lucky you might even get a discount on the already lower price of their themes! To check out this theme, visit the website here. (Please note, this is not an affiliate link and I will not get commission should you purchase the theme).


Key points to look at when creating your blog?


  1. Choose your blog niche
  2. Decide what is the best web hosting to match your blog requirements
  3. Choose a decent, catchy and short or memorable domain name
  4. Install WordPress on your site and add the Themify Ultra theme (or your preferred theme)
  5. Edit the design and layout to match your niche. (Contact support or follow the documentation)
  6. Add your blog posts, picture quotes or videos and create a flow of posts (either daily, weekly or monthly).
  7. Create your opt-in to grow your email subscribers and share your blog posts with them!
  8. Promote your blog on social sites!

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