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Dating for shy guys


With all those rubbish dating games out there, many guys feel that there are a set of things to say to the woman to get her and keep her interested in you. Those might work, but they work for the type of women who view you as their personal ATM or women who have serious emotional issues regarding relationships and low self-esteem. Real women who want real relationships without the games do not fall for those tricks of “calling her after so many days”, or pretending to be too busy to return messages just to appear like a cool guy. It just makes it appear that you have no time for her, and if you can’t have time for her now, there is no point in taking the relationship further and her interest falls away.

Dating tips

Dating doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems, if we bear a few things in mind.

Be natural and keep it real.

A woman who wants toromantic-sun-drink-date go out on date with you for the sake of actually getting to know you (not those money diggers who want to just get a free treat and think you are their new ATM, no not those) would really appreciate you being natural. Go with the flow of the conversation and keep it real.

Be authentic

Some guys feel that if they say certain things to the woman they are dating then she will like them more. Yes there is some truth to that but that doesn’t always work in the long run unless it turns out to be a completely romantic story of when you just liked everything she did because you knew she was the one for you.

Avoid being too political or philosophical

Having views on what’s happening in and around your community and about life in general, is cool. And although they can sometimes make great conversation starters, they suck when it comes to dating. Or at least on the first few dates.


I can understand why some times guys bring these topics up. Perhaps they feel shy to discuss more personal topics like dating, or they want to appear intelligent in front on the girl. But going on about how the country is being run down and the last time there was global peace was in the Stone Age or discussing deep life questioning topics, actually puts you straight in the friendship category.

I can already imagine some gasps from the above paragraph but there is some truth to it. You see when a woman who is looking for a good stable relationship, agrees to go out on a date with you, she want to get to know you. She wants to know what you want in a relationship and she wants to see if you both are compatible in terms of your life goals and relationship expectations. So bringing up the above mentioned topics is great so that she knows a little more about you, but when you make the entire date or even more then 2% of the date about these topics, then it goes from being a date, to chatting to a friend about his beliefs.

Think about what you actually want in a relationship and be ready to discuss it (without being offensive).

I believe that everyone should have goals for things that they really want in  life. And relationships shouldn’t be any different.

On a date, the woman does have the right to ask you what are your current relationship goals, what are your long term goals, what are your life goals?

And like wise, you are allowed to ask her those questions as well. If two people who go on a date, are ready to answer these questions honestly then there would be a lot more happy couples who don’t play around with each other’s lives and feelings.


A lot of guys don’t like these questions nor do they like the girl to ask these questions. The thing is, these are the actual things people should be asking on dates, which they aren’t. Sometimes because they haven’t really thought about it and don’t know what to say and sometimes because they just don’t care to plan past the next month.

Either way that is the reason the person is on a date with you.

I hope these tips help shy guys turn a date into something much more serious and special.

P.S My writing is aimed at anyone who wants to read it, but more so, I write for the audience who believes in true love, in real relationships and having a prosperous life with their better half. My articles are not written for those who just want to have ‘fun’ on endless dating sprees, hurting others on the way.