Inspiration Wellness

Depressed? You got to read this!


Sometimes in life we may fail, or fall. Don’t give up. Everything that happens in life is a stepping stone to something greater. Every circumstance is created to push us forward, to make us brave, to believe in ourselves and be the person we were born to be. Every situation that you are faced with is meant to push you to follow your dream.

Be the love in this world, that you were born to be!!!

That job that you did not get? That was because you deserve something better. It was because that job would not take you to where you need to be in the present moment AND possibly also in future.

The person you didn’t marry? Thank God. Perhaps you were saved from a marriage from hell. Perhaps that person is not the one who would have supported you to be who you are meant to be.


That accident you had? Be thankful, you didn’t die. It could have been worse. Let it be a second look on life, on what is important and what is not. Let that reminder serve to inspire you to adopt an attitude of gratitude every day.

That debt that you are in? Let it push you to be the entrepreneur you were meant to be. You don’t want to be an entrepreneur? Okay okay, that’s fine, but let that be the source of inspiration that pushes you out of debt and into financial abundance.

You are worth it!

That family member or friend you lost? Be thankful for the times you shared and keep them in memory. Happy memory that is.

Every situation is meant to inspire you in some way. Regardless if it is a life threatening situation, health, relationship, or money associated situation. It will pass. And so will you.

Be happy. Be present and be who you are meant to be. No matter what situation you are in.