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Family dynamics – How to deal with unsupportive elders

Okay so you have been reading up on life purpose and you have made attempts to strive forward to follow your dreams. But sometimes families aren’t always supportive to allow you to follow your dreams as maybe they feel it isn’t exactly best for you and your life. Well, sometimes elders can be correct in that they want the best for us but also, what was right for people 20 years ago, isn’t really right for people today. Even job opportunities which are booming now, such as computer programmers and social media experts, weren’t even heard of some decades back.

Don’t lose hope if your family or elders don’t see eye to eye with your dreams. Perhaps it just doesn’t make sense to them and they want you to have a secure future with a secure income. What elders don’t seem to realize, is that having a job a few decades ago, did come with security of having a permanent income, but in this age where jobs are scarce, unemployment and retrenchment is high due to failing markets and businesses, it is vital that we actually do follow our dreams and create our own income.

To do this, make a bullet proof plan from A right until Z. A dream will remain a dream until it is implemented, planned and executed. So do just that. Show your family your plan so that they are aware of your determination to succeed and steps you are willing to take to make it happen. If they still don’t show signs of support, then still don’t lose hope. Follow religious or holy books according to your faith, continue to mold your character to be the best you can be and always do righteous deeds, free from ego and pride and when the time is right and you are old enough to follow your dreams, then so just that. And keep you’re A to Z plan with you!!!