Motivation Wellness

Financial wellness is your right


This material world is built on a thing called money and corporates or businesses use this fascinating piece of paper to control most of society. This control of people or workers is actually caused by two reasons. 1. The belief that there is a lack of financial abundance or abundance of anything good for that matter and 2. Because of greed and desire for more.

Have you ever wondered how some people can have the most posh cars and houses but are still not satisfied with their financial wellness? They want more and no matter what they can give to themselves, it isn’t enough. That is greed.  Then you get people who live a moderate life, who don’t yearn for material pleasures to such a point that they feel they must have items which are beyond their current means. They are happy with themselves and the life they lead. That is financial wellness.

Everyone has the ability to have financial wellness, I do not mean to sound like those annoying people who write ridiculously about how every single person can be a ‘millionaire’. Maybe it isn’t in everyone’s capability to be afforded with such a large sum of money, but it is in everyone’s capability to have financial abundance. That is because if everyone can become like person number two above, then they will reduce their wants and desires and be happy in their financial setting. That happiness and lack of desire has the power to move that lack of financial wellness to an energy of abundance. I am not saying that you must renounce all material pleasures and move to a forest, build a hut and meditate for the rest of your life. On the contrary be present in this world, be aware of the greed present in people due to desire and make an effort to remove the feeling of desire from your life such that you get to experience actual happiness which will not be shaken due to how much money you have. That is actual abundance.