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Get soft glowing skin

I remember looking at photos of super models, wishing I had super awesome skin as well. But like all businesses, the cosmetic industry thrives on creating products to sell to people who want super soft, luxurious skin. The upside is that there are alternatives for people who can’t afford to purchase expensive products or for those like myself who can’t use commercial products due to the use of chemicals in skin products.

Due to God’s grace, these alternatives are all natural and therefore safe to use on skin. This ayurvedic remedy stems from India and is possibly the reason why most Indians have such beautiful skin!

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What do you need?

1 tablespoon of gram flour

This can be purchased at any supermarket or Asian or Indian food store. Also commonly found in Indian homes, as gram flour is used to whip up various scrumptious vegetarian dishes and even sweetmeats as well!

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

Commonly known as hurdee and also found in Indian homes. Please be careful when handling turmeric, this beautiful mild spice has massive benefits for the mind, body and soul but it can also stain your hands and towel with its rich yellow colour. It is best to scoop a teaspoon of turmeric with a spoon, placed on top of the gram flour and mix. This will prevent it from staining your hands.

Then mix in milk to form a thick mixture.  The thickness of the mixture should be like that of a face mask, not runny but not like clay as well.

The beauty of this mixture is that all three ingredients have super impacts on skin so when combined they work well to beautify skin.

Gram flour works well to lighten skin and therefore reduce the appearance of marks and blemishes. It also works well to reduce hair growth but is more effective when used from a young age in the reduction of hair growth.

Turmeric has the power to remove impurities and make skin glow. It is also used on Hindu brides and grooms on the night before their wedding day, during a special cleansing ceremony.

Milk contains enzymes and vitamins which is beneficial not only for consumption but also for applying to the skin. Some people even have a milk bath which softens skin and removes dead skin cells.

If you like you can add sandalwood powder and raw honey to the mixture as both also have healing benefits for the skin!

Oh! I must add that this remedy doesn’t only work well on the face, but can also be applied on the rest of your skin as well more specially on problem areas prone on marks and blemishes.

For a vegan friendly version of this mask, one can substitute milk with either almond milk, or water or rose water can be used instead to make the paste!

Enjoy and happy grooming!