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Getting back to our true nature – embracing love in abundance…



Have you seen the way a new born baby smiles and joyfully laughs at everything around him or her? Or how he is receptive to those around him, giving love in abundance to everyone? The baby is free from jealously, greed, hatred and anger. He only knows love, which is his true nature.


Love in abundance is our true nature. So how do we go from being a joyful, abundant love giving baby, to people who are so self-conscious, filled with negative mind-sets which shape our thinking and reactions to those around us? Why do we turn our head and ignore those who were once close friends or relatives to us? All of these behavioural patterns stem from a feeling of lack in one way or another.

We feel a lack of love, were we think that we ‘need’ others to love us or that there is not enough love in this world or that we are incapable of being loved.

Another common lack we strongly believe in is a lack of money, were we feel that we have to lead a certain type of poverty lifestyle or we desire material pleasures which are beyond our present financial capacity.

All these (and other) factors concerning a lack shape our mind and make us behave in ways which are opposite to our true nature. We start to feel jealous of the success of another, or hate others who have something we don’t have.

Realising that love is abundant, opens doors for you to success. It helps you to realise your true nature which is to love in abundance and gets rid of the feeling or negative belief system of lack. We may face a lack of something in one way or another, but when we realise that things we truly need are in abundance and that there is enough for everyone then negative mind-sets and feelings to others, will fall away.


We get back to our true nature which is beings who are not just filled with love in abundance, but we are love itself.