Motivation Relationships

Has social media made us antisocial?


Okay so let’s admit it, smart phones have really gotten smarter, sometimes smarter than the owner unfortunately. And because of their reliability to multitask, connect with the online world, store our precious moments and muuuuch more, we have become accustom to having them around. All the time, everywhere.

But how healthy is this and what impact does it create on our real life relationships?

Firstly as much as the smart phone has contributed to our lives, it has also taken much time away from our lives which we could be using more efficiently. How often do we spend time chatting, commenting on posts and pics, sharing content, liking pictures, uploading photos and engaging in small talk, every single day! If we actually calculate the time we are spending on social chats, imagine how much more stuff we can achieve in that same time?

Another thing, how many times do we go to parties and concerts but spend more time ‘being in the moment’ by posing and uploading pictures, and recording live shows. Sure those things are great and definitely good moments to remember but not when we are missing out on life by spending all of our time on social sites to show what we are doing.text

And lastly, how rude is it when we are out and about meeting friends, family or going on a date and the person you’re with
spends more time smiling at their phone than contributing to the conversation. If that’s the case, then rather have an ‘online’ meeting isn’t it?

So as great as the world has become one connected family over the internet and powerful social networks, let’s not let that take away our ability to interact with people in the real world!