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One easy step to healing yourself

Water therapy is an ancient eastern practice that is simple, easy and yet very effective in restoring and maintaining health. Water therapy originates from Japanese culture and is also known as Ushapan in Ayurveda. Ushapan literally means drinking water as soon as you arise in the morning and is similar to water therapy.

So how is water thewater-1rapy performed?

Basically, as the name says, it means healing yourself through water. When you wake up in the morning, (even before brushing your teeth), slowly consume about 1.5 litres of water or 6 glasses of water which make up 1.5litres. Then wait for at least 45 to 60 minutes before consuming any foods or drinks thereafter. You can brush your teeth and bath during this time.

Remember that consuming 1.5 litres should be built up gradually as you get used to it. You can commence with 1 or 2 glasses at first. The water should be at room temperature. You should also use purified water for this practice to avoid any harsh chemicals or impurities in tap water.

Heal yourself

Ayurvedic practice encourages you to store this water overnight in a copper vessel so your body also gets the benefit of water that has direct contact with copper. However if this is not currently possible, you can always commence with water therapy by storing water in a glass or BPA free container until you are able to use a copper vessel.

water-2Benefits of water therapy

Water therapy is extremely beneficial for all types of commonly known sicknesses and diseases.

Some of these benefits include:


Controlling blood pressure



Weight issues

Dry or brittle skin and nails

Dry or breaking hair

Cancer treatment

Reducing tiredness or fatigue

Combating eye diseases and eye related problems

These are just a few among many ways that this simple therapy can help the body and restore health.

How can such an easy process be so beneficial?

Water plays a major role in everyone’s lives. It is used for countless reasons and is the safest, healthiest drink available. When we consume water as soon as we wake up and give time before we eat any foods, we are actually allowing the water to go into our system and cleanse the body, remove toxins and waste. When we consume water only while eating, that water is used mainly for the process of digestion and not so much for cleansing. So it is important to drink water on an empty tummy for this to be therapeutic for the body.

Caution: Water is amazing but too little or too much of water can actually cause serious health issues. So it is best to keep your water intake in moderation.

Happy healing yourself with water!