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Heal yourself with nature

Goodness comes from the earth not only as a source of food and nutrients for us, but also to heal us and restore the body’s natural divine state. That said, ancient Ayurvedic remedies which stem from Hindu scriptures and teachings elaborately discuss the exponential benefits of using natural products as medication and tonics for the body.

For great glowing skin, Ayurvedic practitioners highly recommend the usage of Azadirachta indica known as Neem and is native to India. The neem leaves can be used either fresh, dry or crushed to form a powder. For external usage, mix the neem powder with either water or milk to form a smooth paste. Apply to the face or any part of the skin which feels discomfort, leave for a few minutes and rise off. Your skin will immediately feel softer and revitalized.

Neem is also very beneficial as a source of medical treatments. When ingested, neem has the power to boost the immune system and also lower blood pressure. You can simply mix a pinch of neem powder with a glass of water or milk and consume. This tonic can be taken every morning or at least three times a week!

P.S: Neem has a bitter taste so rather mix a sparing amount to make you tonic than ingest a huge amount and be put off by the taste. Also, as much as neem is great for the body and skin, it also acts an a prevention of pregnancy. So if you are planning to get pregnant, than consuming neem is not really a good idea!

Other benefits of neem is that it purifies the blood thus helps with cardiac care, it reduces heat and inflammation within the body, it acts as an anti-bacterial remedy. Ancient Indians used water soaked neem leaves to cure wounds and bacterial infections. The benefits of this wonderful leaves are many, it is truly a gift to us from above.