How should love make you feel?

There is only one type of true love, and that is a love that is selfless and abundant. It is also divine love from God to you and all of creation.

Human beings get so lost in their maya – illusion – that when they take rebirth and come down to earth and interact with other human beings, they believe that what others do and feel must be true. They therefore believe that love means attachment and pain. On the contrary it is not, love is actually quite the opposite. Love isn’t attachment, it is selfless and pure. There is not a single ounce of pain in abundant love because there is only place for happiness and bliss.

When abundant love exists within the heart of a person, it does not mean that they never face any pain or bad situations. It just means that they choose to be happy and radiate in the purity of abundant love, knowing that their problem will sort itself out and that this problem presented itself in their life for a distinctive reason which will help them grow personally. When we are on the path to abundant love and feel Gods divine love, then it is easier to walk on the path to fulfill our purpose and meet the people who are meant to be in our lives.