He said She said Relationships

How to react when he/she doesn’t feel the same way

People have been facing this issue for centuries and while some olden day movies show people taking poison when the one they want to be with doesn’t feel the same, it shouldn’t be the case in present day!

Sometimes we meet people who just seem so awesome, their likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams seem so alike to ours that we feel maybe they are the one we’ve been looking for. But it turns out that they don’t feel the same way and so those hopes of dating that person get shattered.

So how should we react to such a situation? In accordance to Love in Abundance, we should wish them well and want the best for them. And we shouldn’t just say that to make them think we aren’t affected by their honesty, we should say it because we actually mean it. I mean hey, the person could have lied to you, led you on to believing that they felt the same and wasted your time, but they didn’t. We have to be grateful for that. We also should use that experience to rethink about ourselves. What we want in life and also what image we show to others. If the person was a good person then we can use this experience to better ourselves and recreate our character to attract that type of good person in our lives. And if you were attracted to a person who didn’t have a good personality, then again, we can use that experience to find out what is it in us that is attracted to that type of person.  And better yourself to be attracted to a person who is more suitable for you and your future.

Happy dating and don’t let rejection get the better of you!