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Lead a life of love, of abundance and liberation


When we lead a life of fear, we bring to us everything that fear brings, we attract situations of lack, situations which bind us and bring about more fear. From this, anger and worry spring up. But how does fear make its way into the mind in the first place?

When there is a lack of love or we allow the mind to be fed with negative worldly situations then fear is planted in the mind. We also align ourselves on a low frequency of lack rather than a higher frequency of abundance.

So how do we go from a low frequency of lack to a higher frequency of abundance?

One word, Faith.

When we have faith in God, our Divine Being who is the Master of the entire universe and beyond, then we are able to let go of negative thinking. We see ourselves as beings of love and embrace love in abundance more freely.

Faith is the key to everything; it opens doors not just to heaven, but also is the key to experience a heaven on earth.