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Let purpose drive your passion


The world is moving fast, new developments are taking place and people move in and out of one’s life quicker than before. But despite what is transpiring in the outside world, what is happening in your world? Your life? Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard we try to make things happen, life can appear stagnant. As if no progress is being made and we feel that all our efforts are in vain.

Every person has some purpose to fulfil in life. Each person has an effect on another. And hey, our actions, thoughts and even the words we speak have either a positive or negative effect on others. So if you are feeling down and uninspired, remember that your very presence on earth means that you have a purpose. You didn’t take birth for no reason and surly not every experience in life will be that of failure and negative situations.


Ask yourself, what drives you? What do you really like to do with your life? I am not talking about answers like “To have lots of money without working”. Yeah money is good and with it, we can easily lead a rather comfortable lifestyle with fewer worries. But that’s not the point. The point is to discover what is your purpose on earth? Why did you come here? And what can you do to give back to others in a way that makes you feel happy and fulfilled deep inside? What is your purpose?


Discover that and let the passion you have to live that purpose drive you. When we align ourselves with our live purpose, that is, what makes us feel great and fulfilled, we automatically feel re-energize, inspired and happy.

How to find your purpose? Find what truly makes you happy inside. Not temporary happiness that you feel on the outside, but deep happiness that fills your gut and excites your soul.

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