Motivation Wellness

Let the thoughts of others not touch you

We are human beings, communicating and engaging with other human beings.  And with association comes fear of the thoughts of others especially if we do not conform to what is socially accepted. How often do we not take action towards what we really want because of what people will say or think?


The thing is, people will always think. They will always speak. And their thoughts and words come from their mind, good and bad thoughts are created based on the people’s energy level. When a person spends their time entertaining bad news and events drowning in negative emotions such as worry, fear and doubt, their energy attracts and creates thoughts of the similar nature.

People who dwell in low energy levels generally are afraid to go out and live their dreams due to fear and doubt that they will succeed. Since negative news is prominent in this world, there are many people who dwell in negativity and produce negative thoughts for themselves and others.

So that means that even if you aim to maintain high energy levels, have positive thoughts and faith and purity, people can and will still think negative thoughts about you and your dreams. The point is, whether you act on your dreams or not, people can and will still judge or condemn you. So why worry or allow the thoughts of others to prevent your success?

Know that good and bad thoughts do exist, and let them go. Your success is based on your own thoughts and will to live your dreams.