Life is too short to just get by…


Imagine this is the last day of your life, your life is going to end by sunset. There is no more tomorrows, no more morning coffees, sunrise, or time to be lazy in bed. The dreams you had, the places you wished to visit the people you wanted to express your love and gratitude to,there is not much time for that anymore. This is your last day, last few hours on earth.

What do you do? You reflect back on the years you had lived, the amount of time you had wasted just because of the hidden fears to succeed, to travel, to be in love and to be loved. Was the moments you had lived so far, worth it? Did you experience life the way you had wished to experience? Or did you just get by, day after day, month after month until the years have just past by?

Well it isn’t too late, the sun will rise again, and a new day awaits you, be the change in yourself and live every day to the maximum you could possibly live!