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Life isn’t about being rich nor poor…


If happiness was dependant on money or your financial and material status, then all ‘rich people’ would be happy. Right? But are all people who have money in, let’s say, abundance, are they really happy?

Having money can bring you material happiness, you can visit the most exquisite places on earth, live in luxury, drive expensive cars and do whatever it is that rich people do. On the opposite end, having no or very little money can cause depression, resentment to those who do have money and often very tired and with ill health due to stress of ‘getting by’ in life.

The thing is, life isn’t about the richness or the poverty. Every situation is temporary. A poor man can become rich and a rich man can become poor in a matter of minutes. Life is about experiencing these moments. Moments of richness and moments of poverty. It is about the way you choose to live these moments that matter. And that is what brings us happiness. When we are in a situation of financial abundance, we can choose to eat at the most expensive restaurants, but we also have the choice to give others the opportunity to dine with us at no cost to them. We have the choice to feed and clothe the hungry and perform deeds that make us and others feel happy. When we are faced with situations of lack or poverty, we have the choice to be happy for all that we do have, from home cooked meals and warm beds to sleep in with a shelter over our head. We also have the choice to share our love, knowledge and compassion with others, even in times of financial difficulties.


Life is about making the most of each situation in a way that benefits and brings peace and joy to all beings. Life is about happiness and happiness is felt when we embrace abundant love.