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Mr S.A. 2014 John Owens simply a romantic

Dashing with a heart of Gold! If you thought that handsome guys and pretty women who win flashy titles at national and international competitions are only in it for the win, think again! Despite the glitz and glamour, fashion shows and high profile events, these guys are really down to earth, loving and awesome people. I had recently chatted to Mr South Africa 2014, John Owens about life, love and relationships. This is what he had to say!

Rapid Fact File John Owens Interview

Name: John Owens

Age: 35

Height: 1.85m

Interests: too many to say

Current title: none. Mr South Africa 2014

Thoughts on love: Love is something you cannot force. When God does the choosing he cannot make a mistake.


Salona: Do you believe in soul mate relationships?

John: I do yes but I believe there are more than one soul mate out there for each of us.

Love will find you. Just make sure you are in places that love can find you. – John Owens

Salona: What was your perception on love relationships before you met Chantelle?

John: To be honest with you I had given up on love at that stage. I was 32 years old and has a daughter and didn’t think anyone would be interested in me. But I was always a hopeless romantic and always had the hope that I would met someone that had the same interests and dreams as me.

Salona: How did you both meet?

John: I was asked to judge a provincial modelling competition one Sunday and Chantelle was a contestant. She immediately stood out for me. I wondered what she was doing there as I didn’t think it was a competition that deserved such a beautiful girl. I thought that she needed to think bigger. After the competition we spoke for a few minutes and that evening I made contact with her on Facebook. The following evening we went on a date and the rest is history.

Salona: How did meeting her change your life?

John: There is a famous saying “Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife” and she really is my best friend. She has made me a better man and a softer man. She has taught me how to care and how to be a great husband. I will never be the same again.

Salona: What advice can you give to youngsters who are about to get married?

John: Do not rush it!!!!! Enjoy life first. Get to know each other and get married for the right reasons. No man should get married under 30 and no woman before she has gotten to know the man in and out.

Salona: What are some of the most challenging things (if any) about marriage?

John: I think one definitely is finding a balance between family and a career. And another is always putting your partner first. It’s very important as it builds trust and without trust a marriage will fail.

Salona: And how do you (both) overcome them?

John: We do talk a lot and we love doing the same things. Communication is the key in our marriage.

Salona: They say soul mates help each other to reach their goals, challenge each other and motivate one another to do their best. How would you say, her presence in your life has motivated you to do your best?

JO WedJohn: I am very challenged as Chantelle is very bright and she has an amazing future so it challenges me to be a good husband to a strong wife. But because we communicate well, we know what our future plans are and what we both want to accomplish. And also I have said to Chantelle, no matter what she takes on, I will always support her.

Salona: In this age where people are ‘hooking up’ with just anyone, or view potential partners on face value, what dating tips would you give to people who are searching for their soul mate?

I was always a hopeless romantic and always had the hope that I would met someone that had the same interests and dreams as me.- John Owens

John: Firstly do not search. Love will find you. Just make sure you are in places that love can find you.If you are not planning on a long term relationship and you cannot see yourself one day marrying that person then let him/her go as you are just wasting time spent being found by true love.

Salona: Many people are getting married and divorced. What advice can you give to couples who are on the verge of divorce?

John: That is a difficult one… If divorce is due to respect or trust being broken then that is tough to get through.

 But if it is due to unhappiness or a relationship that is just working out then you must get help as no person will get married unless at some point true love didn’t exist. And that love can be found again.

Salona: Lastly, your thoughts on Love in Abundance? The sentiment and my website?

John: I think it is fantastic and something anyone can relate to and agree. If more people had this mind set, our world would be a much better place!

So there you have it! An exclusive interview with John Owens and their secrets to a happy fulfilling marriage and being one of South Africa’s power couples.