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Places to go to on a first date


Okay so your eye has caught someone who might just turn out to be that special someone, that person feels the same and you both are eager to go out on a first date. The first time you meet a person sets the tone for the impression they will make of you and the place you go to will also set the mood for getting to know each other.

If you are serious about this person (which is why you would be reading my articles on Love in Abundance ) then you actually want to take them out to get to know them more. That means places that are conducive for talking, laughing and enjoying a good dining experience.

Always talk to your date about their food choices before choosing a place. For example if your date likes Italian foods and you prefer Mexican foods then settle for a place that has both or an alternative which you both enjoy. If your date is a vegetarian or vegan then choose a vegetarian or vegan friendly restaurant that has a lot of options for them.

Secondly, the type of restaurants that people can go to on a date varies. There are the adult type of dining places which aren’t family and children orientated, which means you won’t have little kids running around. This is ideal for a first date because you both want to dress up and enjoy a quiet evening where you both can feel comfortable to talk and get to know each other. Family orientated restaurants are great but not for a first date. Perhaps those nosier places can be the choice of the night later on in your relationship.

A lovely walk in the park, followed by a picnic on a cool spring day can also be quite romantic. But speak to your date about this option first, in case they aren’t fond of sitting on the ground and eating while they get to know you.

A club setting isn’t the best choice for a first date because of all the noise. So its best to stay far from clubs or noisy bar areas. Also getting drunk on the first date is not a good impression and can leave your date heading for the door!

Movies! If you have some time after your date then a movie can be a good choice. But is should never be first thing you do on a date. This is because you two won’t have much time to get to know one another and the impression you set on your first date will impact on whether or not you will get a second one with the same person. Movies are a great option on the third or fourth date.

A ball game. These are a great way to loosen up and get comfortable with each other. Especially if you are backing the same team, if not then don’t even go there! Speak to your date and if they are eager to go to a ball game with you and have dinner afterwards, then this can also be a good option. This is because you both can get to know more about each other (behavioral patterns) during the game, then just by a two hour date.