Raise your character don’t lower your standards


Have you ever went on a date with someone who really wasn’t your cup of tea and even though you politely sat through the date, the person, after getting to know your expectations from a relationship, indicated that you should lower your standards? That could happen for one of two reasons:

1: Your expectations are actually high in the sense that it is unrealistic or

2: The person cannot match up to what you are looking for, but they like you so they feel annoyed that you want so much from a partner and by mocking you, they want to break your confidence in knowing you can, in fact meet the right person for you, and date them instead. If the reason is the first that means that you expect more from a relationship than you are willing to offer. So for example, a person who expects to marry a well figured beauty queen, who can cook and clean, has a great personality and bring in a good income (which is perfectly normal if you match up to her), should be the type of person who equally has a good figure, works hard, meaning makes the most of their day and time and is always striving to better themselves. A person who has unrealistic expectations is one who is lazy, doesn’t bother to keep fit or learn to be domesticated or earn an income, but wants to take all of that from their partner.

If you are the type of person who molded your character such that you are almost perfect for the person you wish to marry, meaning you know exactly what you want in a relationship and has become a better person to be able to be a good life partner to the person you want to marry, then it is normal to have high expectations. For example, you work hard, you get up early, make the most of your day, be productive, manage your time better, make time for yourself, refresh your skills in the kitchen or around the house, then hell yes you deserve a partner who can match you and the person you have become!!! I’m pretty sure the person you have become would not match a lazy bum who wakes up late, complains about all the things in his/her life, throws stuff into a pot to whip up a quick unfulfilling supper and falls asleep while slouching in front of the television in a bundle of mess. That doesn’t sound very productive now does it? But if you end up going on a date with a person like that, you chat, get to know one another during your date and you tell him/her as of the person you are looking for, and their response is “You have too high expectation.”

What should your response be? Well, firstly, a productive person who knows what they are looking for in a partner, should not be wasting their time with people who simply aren’t making an effort, but hey, things happen, family and friends try to hook you up and before you know it, you’re on a date with Mr/Miss lazy. Don’t worry about it, keep calm and don’t let the person’s view of your life and partner choices deter you from your dream. If you have worked hard to be the person you are and waiting for the right person, knowing you can add value to their life, then so be it. Raise your character, remove unpurposeful people from your life, especially those trying to get you to lower your standards to date them, and move on. Life has way too much to offer you when you open your heart to living righteously, purposefully and accepting abundance!