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Rental lease expiry on the Comfort Zone!

They say that there is nothing like hard times and adversities to help our inner self grow. From my own experiences I can hold high testament to that as each adversity I faced brought me closer to my goals, to creating Love in Abundance and basically doing a lot more than I actually believed I could. I sometimes ask myself, would I have done this, thought that, or acted in a certain way or pushed forward for something I really wanted without having fear, if I didn’t have struggles in the first place? Well the answer is no, I would not. If my life was, well, like “everyone else’s” and I had the basic things I wanted, would I actually push to do extraordinary things? No. What I would have done though, was I would keep saying, yes I want to write a book, start a business or pursue my dreams. But then I would immediately make some excuse why I cannot.

This is caused by fear. And fear is caused when we are afraid of moving out of our comfort zone. But the reason why we are in a comfort zone in the first place is because we previously got something we wanted which put us in that comfort zone in the first place. So the guy who got the job he didn’t actually want, but needed to earn a living, is now in a comfort zone which he is too afraid to break away from because of the fear of the possibilities of failing. But what about his friend who never got hired, he isn’t in a comfort zone because he knows what it is like to constantly be on his toes to try to make a living. So when an opportunity arises for him to follow his dreams, he jumps up and takes it! He isn’t fearful because he isn’t in a comfort zone.

So there you have it! Sometimes it is the ones who face the most troubles who are actually blessed enough to soar higher than the ones who have seeming blessings but are too afraid to move out of their comfort zone and actually live a purposeful life!