Resolutions and sticking to them!


It is the beginning of another great year and like every year we have hopes and plans to achieve in that year! This is the reason we make resolutions. And for those who don’t adhere to sticking by them, they often say “resolutions are meant to be broken”. Actually, resolutions are just like any wish or aim in ones life and it can be made at any time of the year. And just like the people who achieved what they wanted by aiming for their goal and not giving up (which means they basically did not break their resolution) you shouldn’t either. This is because when we truly want something bad enough and we make a promise to fulfil it, we are not just making that promise for the sake of it. We actually want to achieve that goal.

For example, if being financially well off is your resolution then you would take careful steps to not only bring wealth into your life, but also to preserve the wealth that is already in your life. And the key factors to motivate you in keeping your resolution is perhaps your loved ones, aims for the future which require finance to make it possible etc. If your resolution is to lose weight then you would start to change your eating plans and food intake (not dieting). So whatever dreams and wishes you have, make a resolution or goal to make it work out and whenever you feel the urge to break your resolution, visualize how wonderful the outcome of your hard work will be in due time.