Spending time wisely


Our grandparents and elders have always had a knack for waking up before sunrise, doing as much as they can and making the most of the day. Those folks were also some of the most fit and healthy people around! Whereas in current times, people just wake up about an hour and a half before they need to be at work, that is if they can beat the morning traffic. So basically people choose to sleep in a little extra then spend the rest of the day rushing, being on social media, indulging in fast foods, because they didn’t have time to cook or prepare lunch and then pass out in front of the television because their bodies are exhausted of rushing about the whole day. Then while scrolling down social media apps, we come across articles of high achievers, feel good stories of people who had a difficult life but have managed to overcome those battles and make a name for themselves. And we think, “Wow! They managed to do all that! Where did they get the time from?”

And the thing is, we all have the same amount of hours in a day. Sure, some of us have more demanding lives than others such as business owners, people who work and of course, mothers among others. However when we are determined to achieve something, we focus our time and efforts towards that goal. We make the most of our time and spend the least amount of time (or even no time at all) on things which aren’t purposeful to our life. This includes the time spent on social chats, having conversations which aren’t meaningful but are just there to ‘pass time’. Why would anyone want to pass their time! It is the most precious gift on earth because we can’t get it back. If you use social chats, try calculating or monitoring the time you spend each day on unproductive chats. Then use that same amount of time to do the stuff you actually want to do but felt there isn’t enough time to do!