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Stay healthy while pleasing your taste buds


Ask a woman what does it take to give her instant gratification, reduce her stress and just make her feel great and she would most likely say chocolate! And while chocolate is almost always the preferred sensation for a woman craving for something amazing, it is not always on the list of the healthiest things to eat.

But what is inside chocolate that makes it so amazingly wonderful on the taste buds? Is it the sugar? If that were the case, wouldn’t we all just prefer sugary eats rather than chocolate? 

Hot cocoa is like a hug from the inside!

Rest assured ladies, one of the reasons chocolate is so soothing is because of the presence of cocoa!

Cocoa is said to have numerous health benefits which include

The reduction of blood pressure

It is good for brain and memory

Increases cardio vascular health

Relieves one of constipation

And is an instant mood enhancer among many other benefits!


Now this is great for cocoa lovers, but on the contrary, it doesn’t mean you should jump right up and buy yourself bars of chocolate! You see cocoa may be great for health, but chocolate on the other hand, is filled with sugar and other stuff which isn’t very good for your waist line.

So ladies, instead of picking up a chocolate bar every time you feel for some comfort treats, why not make yourself a glass of cocoa on one of those cold days? Or whip yourself up a cocoa enriched smoothie for one of those hot days?


Either way it is a great way to add cocoa into your life, without adding on the pounds! Stay on the lookout for some of my easy to make cocoa treat recipes coming soon!