Motivation Wellness

Take your goals out to lunch

Set realistic goals and meet them. One of the biggest reasons people continue to live their lives in the same pattern day after day, year after year is because they either do not set goals because they don’t have goals. Or because they set too high goals which isn’t very achievable.

In truth everyone does have goals in some way or another but they don’t set goals because very often they get confused of what the goal actually should be. For example a person has a goal to lead a healthy life style. Their goal is to be healthy. But they don’t quite know what steps to take to lead that type of life style and so the goal is not met.

Others are afraid of change. Be it positive or negative change, people are used to comfort zones. So even if a person wishes to have a business and has defined plans and skills to make a happen, simply being afraid of the success (or failure) of that business, can lead one to not taking the additional steps required for them to bring those goals into reality.


Take your goals out to lunch…

Do we ever go out to lunch with people we are uncomfortable with? I certainly don’t. We like to meet with and be around people that we are comfortable with and those who are good for us, those who inspire us. And your goals should be just like that! Be comfortable with them, let them inspire you, motivate you to move forward. And as you become friends with your goals, see how these little steps each day bring you success in small ways. And one day those little successes would actually be the big success you’ve been dreaming off all this while.