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What would love do? The queen of hearts, Aarti speaks

Her writing touches the souls of many, her words form as glue which often mend a broken heart. She is known to lovers of love and loved by many who follow her sentiment on love.  In fact, I had come across her work while writing Love in Abundance and was deeply attracted to her words. She is young, talented and has a soul which radiates love. I remember while reading her quotes and mini stories on love and romance, I thought, “How nice it would be to chat to her and find out what is the depth of inspiration which enables her to write?”

Finally we have crossed paths, (on social media) and she humbly and excitedly agreed to be interviewed for Love in Abundance! So here is an exclusive interview with Ms Aarti Khurana.


True love is pure

Fact file

Name: Aarti

Surname: Khurana

Date of Birth: 22 April

Star Sign: Taurus

Favourite food: Mexican

Favourite book: Pride and Prejudice

Motto you live by? Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

You have some of the most amazing thoughts and ideas on love. How did your love for writing begin?

I have had a flair for writing since childhood. When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales and rewrite them with my own perspective. I used to give them a twist and change the way they started and ended.

What inspired you to write on love?

Love in Abundance is your connection to every fabric of the universe around you- Aarti Khurana


Love was always a part of my stories even when I was a little girl. The concept only got stronger into my mind as I grew up. I acquired a deeper understanding of love by spreading love in my own little ways.

They say that certain ‘bad experiences’, like break ups etc can be the reason for us to dive deep within ourselves and find ourselves. Do you feel the same?


Break ups lead to loneliness and I would say than solitude and loneliness is the reason to delve deeper into self consciousness and self awareness. One can never dive deeper within himself if he is surrounded by people and interpersonal relationships. Loneliness can lead to self-absorption hence leading to a search within.

Many people out there are facing break ups or are part of relationships which are failing. Or aren’t in a relationship due to negative experiences in the past, what advice can you give to these people?

You can never have a strong relationship with someone if ego and attitude rule your personality.  – Aarti Khurana


If you are crying over a shattered heart and feel bad about a broken relationship then you must stop doing that immediately.  You will only end up shutting yourself from the happiness you deserve.  Stop giving too much of your time, your attention and your emotions to someone who just played with your heart, someone who took you for granted and someone who didn’t care about your feelings. You have to put a full stop to your pain and seek closure to this. You have to stop thinking about the person who never appreciated the love in your heart and left you shattered and lonely. You can’t stagnate your beautiful life for someone who doesn’t even feel sorry for the scars he or she left on your soul. Stop shedding your precious tears over someone who doesn’t deserve your splendid heart. Find a reason to be happy and just move on from the place, moment and time that is making your heart bleed. Move on and continue your journey of life with an all new emotional courage and strength.

What do you think is the reason for so many break ups and couples misunderstanding each other?

The main reason for break ups and couples misunderstanding each other is puppy love which lacks the patience to stick to each other against all odds and which lacks the passion to put in more time and effort to revive a relationship. Relationships don’t die on their own we kill them by lack of perseverance.

Give us an example of your dream date?


My dream date is a romantic night with a lot of surprises. I have a bit of a creative mind so I would love to be taken blindfolded to the dinner place and then on a romantic roller-coaster.

What would you say are some of the important things needed for sustaining a beautiful, prosperous relationship?

A relationship can survive and live on for a long time only if it gets what it needs to flourish and prosper. Every relationship requires sincerity, honesty, truthfulness and transparency to strengthen the bond. Every relationship needs to be nurtured like a plant so that it can grow into a tree. Every relationship needs time quality spent together. Every relationship needs to endure pain together and face tough times together. Every relationship needs love, respect and dedication. If you are in a relationship with someone and you want it to last forever then give it your 100 percent. Give it all you can.

You can never have a strong relationship with someone if ego and attitude rule your personality. If you are in a love with someone then ego and attitude should not stand a chance in your relationship. Don’t let your ego thrive. Just nip it before it becomes a deep rooted part of your personality. Ego and attitude are like slow poison and they can eventually kill the passion and love you have for each other. They can kill conversations, kill your beautiful romantic moments together and also kill the beauty of you relationship with each other. Always remember that if you want to love someone with all your heart and soul then you must get rid of this part of your personality where your attitude takes over and you can’t think beyond your ego. You can either keep your ego intact or you can keep your relationship intact. Be wise enough to choose what you actually want.


Your thoughts on love in abundance?


Love in abundance is absorbing the positive energy around you with an open heart and an open mind. It is your connection to every fabric of the universe that surrounds you. It is your connection to each breath you take. It is about how sensitive you are or how you feel about every single nano sensation of your body. It is about how you cherish every single beat of your heart and feel joy in being alive in the present. It is the positive energy with which you welcome each new day and the happiness with which you cherish each moment being in love. It’s your willingness to embrace with open arms, to love what needs to be loved, to cherish what needs to be cherished and to let go what needs to go. It is waking up every morning with hope in your heart. It is the feeling of the afternoon breeze on your cheeks, the sun warming your face. It is about being true to yourself and being honest to others. It is about being strongly rooted to your present without any guilt of the past and any fear of the future. Love in Abundance is about simplicity, compassion, kindness and thankfulness.

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