He said She said Relationships

Why am I meeting the wrong person, continuously?


This question is one of the most popular questions in the minds of people who are desperately seeking to find their soulmate. The common basis among these people is the energy they are sending out and the energy they are focused on, which is different to the energy of the people who actually meet or have met their soulmate. So what is this energy they are sending out? Firstly, remember there is one right person in an ocean of many many different types of people. So it is easier to meet people who aren’t the one for you, than it is to meet the person who is. The way to cut out the seaweed of wrong people coming towards you and find your pearl in the depths of the ocean of people, is to match your energy to the energy of the type of person you want to be with.

You see our energy attracts the type of people and circumstances we are thinking about and feeling. People with a low self-esteem, who don’t feel they deserve much or are anxious to be in a relationship, send out feelings of desperation, worry, neediness and they seem to bring unfulfilment to the relationship. Their energy attracts others who will also bring those negative emotions to the relationship, which is why they are deemed “the wrong people”. Because they don’t show characteristics of the person we want to have in our lives; but what we don’t understand, is that we are attracting those people to us because we are sending out the same negative energy! When we send out feelings of contentment in the heart, we have a good self-esteem which means we know we deserve goodness without having an ego about it. And we show that we also have a lot of good character traits to bring to the relationship.  Automatically our energy shifts and we start attracting those who are right for us!