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You are the abundance that you seek


Many times we are faced with situations where we feel a lack of something. Be it money, most of the time is has to do with money… Sometimes it’s a lack of family support, good health or faithful friends. And sometimes it is a lack of romantic love and a soulmate partnership. Those things which we feel we are lacking in, is usually the part in our own life which we unconsciously neglect.


For example a person who is lacking in finances, probably takes for granted whatever material possessions he does own, and chooses to focus on the things which he does not have.

He rather be upset that he doesn’t not own a house than be happy that he has a warm bed to sleep in. Now you are probably saying, “But Salona, what if he really is going through a difficult time and is about to be evicted from the place he is staying. How is he supposed to be grateful in such times?”


Gratitude brings abundance. You already have the power to create abundance in your own life, but we tend to be social sheep. We WANT to fit in to society and we adopt the behavioural patterns of those around us. So when people complain about the lack of basically everything good, we follow and say, “yeah there is a lack of money’’, “jobs are difficult to come by”, “people are just getting sick and dying”,  and one of the most common ones, “relationships don’t work anymore because people are not faithful.”

By constantly repeating these dreadful words, we bring lack to us in some way or another. Yet when there is “good news” out there like some person won the lottery and did something great for others or a cure for a life threating disease was found, we don’t show gratitude or happiness! Nor do we associate the successes of others to our own success. We rather say “Oh well, good things happen to others”, and forget about it. Why? We have the ability to create so much in our own life, yet we choose to create more negativity.

You are the abundance that you seek. Yet the mind chooses to drown itself in the negativity of the world. Therefore we tend to experience a lack in all things which are socially accepted as good.

Attract positivity to your life. Think good thoughts. Your true nature is love. So you have the ability to bring abundance to you!

Try this for a period of 14 days:

Sit comfortably, for around 5 minutes in a clean, personal and serene place. Close your eyes and just be thankful for all that you have, your body, mind, soul, family, friends and everything that you have. Allow gratitude to take over your thoughts and repeat throughout the day especially if you tend to feel sad or down.


Affirm your abundance with gratitude for all that you currently have!