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Serve Mother Earth

Everyday Mother Earth nurtures us, feeds us, protects us and shelters us. Everyday we take a little bit more from Her, and being the ever so loving nature that she is, she lets us take as much as we ‘want’. But for how long more can this continue? What can we do to help, heal and serve mother earth?

We don’t have to travel the world to do so. Unless it is in our budget and time. But what small everyday acts can we do, within the space that we are in, to help serve this beautiful planet?

  1. Reduce the amount of wastage. Especially the use of plastic bottles and contains that are thrown away. Where exactly are this everyday waste throw to? Can we really get rid of waste or are we creating a wasteland in every part of the earth? This is the reason it is important to reduce waste as far as possible.


  1. Use more biodegradable items such as glass, paper bags. This will also save you on cash in the long run… Buy a glass bottle to use as your water bottle. Wash and refill instead of buying plastic bottles and throwing them out after it is used. We buy food items, groceries, toiletries and so on, and they are neatly and conveniently packaged in plastic bottles. But how much of plastic are we throwing out a day? Let alone in a month, week or year?


  1. These days almost everything is packed using plastic. How can we then reduce the amount of plastic we buy and throw out? Some items are sold in refill packages. So you can keep your old bottles and just refill. Or contact your nearest recycle centre and recycle your plastics, paper and glass!


  1. Plant plant plant! Grow your own veggies! Don’t have enough space? Grow some herbs. And use the base of your old plastic bottle as the pot for the herb to grow in! If we cannot reduce certain items, then try to reuse it in a creative way.


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint. Click here to calculate carbon footprint and find out ways to  reduce your carbon footprint.


  1. Plant more trees, flowers, plants in your neighbourhood and encourage your society to help you. We might feel that one person’s impact isn’t going to make a change, but if we try, who knows, we might be able to make a difference! Speak to people in your area about creating a planting drive. It will not only create a brighter society, but will also help clean up the air.


Have plans and ideas for serving the environment in your area? Contact us and we will publish your initiative and pictures on this website!

Interested in being part of a great global change? Check this competition below:


Shakti Earth Competition by World Renowned Master Healer Dr. Pankaj Naram


Mother Earth, for millennia, has healed and nurtured humanity by providing natural resources and medicinal herbs to sustain life yet in turn humanity has polluted Earth. Now is Your chance to make a global impact and Serve our Mother Earth. If you feel inspired to be a part of the solution and are between 12 – 25 years old, then join world renowned Master Healer Dr Pankaj Naram’s Shakti Earth Competition. Make a video of your innovative ideas on how to help Mother Earth as soon as possible. If your idea is selected, you may receive a sponsored trip to the Himalayas among youth from across the globe forming the Shakti Earth Team.


Watch the video  below for more information. Ultimately if our Mother Earth wins, we all win!


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