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What is Love in Abundance?


Through the billions of people in this world, despite different races, religions, ethnic groups and place of birth, through the diverse plant, animal and insect life and through the life beyond our beautiful planet, there is one emotion that has the power to connect us all. That power is love in abundance!

 The power and realization of Love in Abundance came to me after a very difficult time in my life in 2009. I had the realization that whatever we go through, there is always Gods love, love in abundance, which permeates through us, protects us and guides us through every moment of our life. I felt a deep urge to write about Love in Abundance in relation to human life and experiences regarding love; however I was just 21 years old at the time. The years that followed from 2009 to 2014 served to guide me and give me the opportunity to experience Love in Abundance. In 2014 after a car accident, I had the awareness that writing this book was imperative and I have made every effort to write, edit and create Love in Abundance. An e-book version was published on the Amazon Book store in January 2015. However I would still like to publish Love in Abundance as a hard copy in future.

This self-help book contains thirteen chapters, divided into four sections which take you through a life journey to let go of the past, being happy and content in the present, acknowledging and realizing your life purpose, living it and being in the correct alignment to meeting and living your life with your soul mate.

I have written four other eBooks, Living A Purposeful Life, What guys what you to know, What Women Want and Being A Teen which are available as free downloads!

I am eternally thankful to my Guru, Brahmarishi Mohanji for being a deep source of love and guidance in all my writing, even from before meeting Him in 2016. I offer all my writing, all words, articles, eBooks, videos and picture quotes to my beloved Guru as without His blessings, the purpose of Love in Abundance, the book and all content relating to it, would not have been possible.


Thank you for reading , I wish you a life filled with love in abundance.