Why did we date?

We come in this world with the bondage of our past karma and then we produce more karma – good and bad – from the thoughts, actions and deeds we create. It is amazing how we form relationships with others and how we actually share each other’s karma. Shared karma actually explains a lot on why we meet certain people in our life, why some relationships work while others don’t and why some people leave our lives while others stay.

In each moment of our lives we are radiating a certain energy which is based primarily on the thoughts which spring into our mind and the emotions we feel due to those thoughts. When we learn to control our thoughts by meditation (which will be discussed further in other articles) we change our energy. When we change our energy focus, we meet people who are focused on the same things we are. So for example, if you were in a relationship with someone who was constantly negative and had a lot of self-doubt, then the chances are that you was also in a mind space of self-doubt and negative thinking. And say, after a while of trying to make that relationship work, you both call it quits and attempt to move on. This failed relationship has put a damper on your already low spirits and you finally break free and express to yourself (your Self, the divine soul) that you are indeed a deserving person and will one day have an equally good partner!

That change in energy in thoughts and emotions, changes the energy you are radiating. It also changes or breaks free from your karma that you had with that person to have to be locked in an energy sucking relationship with them. Your relationship with them is over! But so is your karma with that person! Hooray! You can now move on to better things.

So after that change in energy, you meet a really good person who serves to be a good friend of yours who will help you, or see you through to the next level in your growth. Guess what, that is another karmic relationship, but this time it is a good one as the person will be beneficial to your life and wellbeing.

So the next time you ponder about a relationship (whether good or bad) where the person actually influenced your life, know that it was a relationship produced by your karma which was caused by your own thoughts, words and actions.